Be very careful when you go to this store. They tell you a price, and when you go to pick up your dog the price changes, even though the groomer looked over my dog and said nothing.

Our dog is a very well groomed poodle to begin with. Also I informed the shop that I would be using a groupon and they scheduled me on a Saturday, when I went in to pay with the groupon they said it could not be used on Saturdays. I left a message for the manager David to call me back, although it took him multiple days to return my call, he did absolutely nothing to fix the problem that his employees started. I was told $65.00 for the grooming got charged $90.00 and I lost out of using the groupon.

Wow, what a joke. Their is nothing worse than being lied to from a company, if they can do this to me, imagine what they can do to you.

BE SMART & SHOP ANYWHERE ELSE. There is a very friendly Petco down the street that does an excellent job grooming and does not LIE to the consumer.

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